Life Safety & Fire System Consulting Services

FSCP is a life safety and fire system consulting company dedicated to protecting property owners from being misled or overpaying for fire system services.

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Fire Protection System Inspection and Testing

FSCP inspects equipment and training on-site personnel in proper procedures to maintain installed fire systems reducing the need for outsourcing.

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Fire Pump and Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

FSCP is a Third Party Fire System Inspection Testing Company with the goal to do whatever we can to make ensure your fire pump passes inspection every year.

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Since 1993

Fire System Consulting Plus, Inc. is a fire system consulting company dealing directly in protecting our customers from being misled or overpaying for fire system services.

As your fire system consulting company, FSCP could save you up to 10 times our fees.  Architects, mechanical and electrical engineers do not provide essential information pertaining to the existing fire systems.  They tend to overkill systems outlining unnecessary equipment.  FSCP will research installed systems, outline base building equipment, provide battery calculations and develop an exact scope of work for competitive pricing.

Some fire system inspection testing technicians may not be as qualified as you believe.  In some instances, fire system technicians use scare tactics in tricking you into costly repairs.  If this sounds familiar, or you believe you are being misled, please call us immediately!  Allow our certified consultants to visit your property, research fire system code compliance and develop an actual scope of work for competitive pricing.

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Our Top Priority is Protecting You and Your Investment!

Services provided by FSCP include:

  • On-site consultation of installed fire systems and equipment.
  • Training on-site personnel in proper procedures in maintaining installed fire systems.
  • Preparing fire system record books, including life safety guidelines and emergency contact information.
  • Researching fire system deficiencies to determine if repairs are required or in need of per code compliance.
  • Soliciting competitive pricing on fire system installations, service maintenance and repairs.
  • Developing a scope of work/guidelines for fire system modifications to eliminate costly field change orders.
  • In-house fire system inspection testing.
  • Free telephone support.
  • Prince George's County third party inspector.

All of our services exceed Federal, State, County, Local and Insurance Underwriter requirements.

Check Out the EzFlow’n Unit

The EzFlow’n Unit offers accurate testing, simplifies testing procedures, reduces costs, increases revenue, and boosts your company image. Visit the website of Chesapeake Bay Flow Company, the home of the EzFlow’n' Fire Pump Tester website.

Check Out the New EzLock’n Waterflow Supervisory Switch Cover Lock

Protect your waterflow switches from rogue contractors who remove the switch cover aggressively to bypass switch operation avoiding proper protocol.  In most cases, the contractors damage the waterflow switch components preventing operation indefinitely.

Download a FSCP Brochure

For more information on our services, download a FSCP one-pager.  For specific questions, please send us an email via online form.

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