Fire System Inspection and Equipment Testing

FSCP is an independent third-party life safety consulting & fire system inspection testing company.  FSCP is not a service and/or repair company; therefore, the services we provide are unbiased removing the conflict of interest.  During a scheduled inspection testing, should a problem or deficiency be discovered, we will develop site specific scopes of work and solicit competitive pricing upon request.

Fixed life safety and fire protection equipment require weekly and monthly inspection, testing and maintenance per code compliance. With the exception of annual inspection testing, it is strongly recommended for property owners to restructure operations by including life safety and fire system equipment maintenance in-house.   The costs to retain contractors to perform these tasks is extremely costly.   It is also extremely important your staff understand how to properly shut down a fire sprinkler system and fire pump minimizing property damage.

The building and fire codes will permit your on-site engineers to perform inspection testing and maintenance in-house based on the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) allowing you permission for you to do so.  In most cases the AHJ will permit onsite engineers to perform these tasks based on a licensed fire system consultant reviewing the documentation annually and providing onsite support as needed.

In whatever operations method you choose, it is extremely important your maintenance staff have extensive knowledge of the fixed life safety and fire system equipment within your building so they will respond to emergency situations more effectively and productively.

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FSCP would be happy to help train your onsite engineers to further their knowledge in the proper care and maintenance of fire systems including creating in-house maintenance reports.

This service will be an asset to your company and will save you  tons of money in the long term.

We also provide free telephone support, when you are under contact for inspection testing.