Meet Randy Earle

Randy Earle, Founder and President of Fire System Consulting Plus, started his career in the fire system service industry.  Randy was the owner and general manager of J. Randal Corporation, a company structured to provide a full line of fire system services.  When repair work and/or service work was necessary, Randy looked out for their best interests by encouraging his customers to shop other fire system service companies for competive pricing.  He believed that the best way to deal with customers was  with honestly.

And Randy continues to do that to this day.  Being in the fire system service industry now for 30 years, he decided to distance himself from it by developing a consulting firm dealing directly in protecting property owners from being misled or overpaying for fire system services.  It is important for property owners to be cautious in taking advice from someone who will financially gain from it.  Having a completey impartial third party to research and develop solutions will ensure competitive pricing and quality assurance.


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