Take a look at the variety of services FSCP can provide to you
at outstanding quality and competitive pricing:

Life Safety Consulting Services

Maintaining life safety on your properities is a difficult task.  Learn how FSCP can help you with this important process.  We stay current on building and fire codes, so you don't have to.


System Inspection and Testing

Retaining FSCP as your third-party fire system inspector will ensure an unbiased inspection.  We can help you inspect and test your fire system equipment per code compliance.


Fire Pump Flow Testing

It's our goal to do whatever it takes to ensure your fire pump passes inspection every year.  With our top-quality equipment, we'll perform pump tests practically from anywhere.


Other Services

Additionally, FSCP provides these other fire and protection services.  Please don't hesitate to inquire if there are other fire safety consulting services we can help you with. Just email us, and we'll get back to you real soon.

Drawings & Specifications

Fire system installations and fire system renovations have hidden costs the investor is not aware of.  Without code confirming research, calculations and preliminary acceptance with the authority having jurisdiction, fire system contractors have the edge in creating costly field change orders on to the investor.  Field change orders are never submitted competitively, they are marked over 60%. Unfortunately you will not realize the hidden costs until your way into the project; and by then it may be too late!  The most cost-effective way to force fire system contractors to be competitive and reduce the possibility of costly field change orders is to provide them with an accurate "Scope of Work.”  It is very important to alert your architect if additional funds are necessary in preventing this problem from happening.  The costs involved in preventing costly field change orders will be worth your weight in gold.  FSCP will work along side your architect and provide them with onsite support.  We will continue working with you and your architect during the entire project including periodic field inspections to insure quality assurance.


History dictates that when you need a problem solved, never take advice from someone who will financially gain from it. Always be sure to have an impartial party on your side to protect your interests and your pockets.  Problem-solving is our business!  We pride ourselves in researching all problems objectively by finding the most cost-effective method in resolving them.  Anything is possible!   Where there is a problem, a viable solution is right around the corner.   The most common problem in the industry is fire alarm replacement. Fire alarm contractors like to replace instead of repair; and they justify replacement by telling you parts for the existing system are no longer available or cannot be repaired.  In some cases, they may be correct, but mostly they are dead wrong!   To protect your interests further, during your next Fire Marshal inspection, have one of our fire system consultants present.  We will walk with the Fire Marshal, answer any questions they may have, provide documentation upon their request, research any code compliance issues, and basically be sure that your interests are protected at all times.

Onsite System Training

Automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire pump systems and fire alarm systems require weekly and monthly inspection, testing and maintenance per code compliance.  The costs to retain a contractor to perform this requirement would be extremely pricey.  It is very possible for your on-site engineers to perform these requirements based on the authority having jurisdiction allowing you permission to do so.  In most cases they will allow onsite engineers to perform these requirements based on a licensed fire system consultant reviewing the documentation annually and providing onsite support as needed.   It is very important for your onsite staff to have knowledge of fire systems in case an emergency rises.  They need to understand how to properly shut down a fire sprinkler system and/or fire pump system to reduce property damage; as well as silence a fire alarm system properly.  FSCP would be happy to help train your onsite engineers to further their knowledge in the proper care and maintenance of fire systems. This service will be an asset to your company and just may save you a ton of money if or when a problem may arise.